"A Crutch of Tone"

Conflict Burning/TFTJ split cd

Temple of Bon Matin

"We've Got the Biggest Engine"(Little Army Records)

"Caledonia- Live" on "Cabin in the Sky"(Bulb Records)



and MP3's

Go Gun "Solar Poweress"

Silence at Slow Motion Trilogy

Arthur Doyle:Conspiracy Nation (QBICO)


Vin 3 Bio

Vin has been around since the early 90's when he got his start in the guitar noise band Conflict Burning as the vocalist. They released 3 albums independently; self titled, Mouth Nailed Shut, & A Crutch of Tone.

After various experiments, the space rock band Go Gun was formed w/ J from TFTJ, Dave Wild from Conflict Burning and Vin on bass/vocals.

Picking up the sax full time he formed Body of Binky with John Stocks (Onusboton). A divine/sublime infusion of electronics and horns.Vin - programming,vocals and sax.

He is also a long time touring and recording member of Temple of Bon Matin(earlier playing bass now full time status as sax player), and has been privileged to play with such artists as Steve MacKay(The Stooges,Snakefinger,Violent Femmes)and Arthur Doyle(Sun Ra). CLICK HERE FOR LIVE ARTHUR DOYLE VIDEO! from Carbon Records